Sean Kaulana Gabriel // Friendly, neighborhood UX & product person

Hi, I'm Sean

Hi, I'm Sean. I love helping underdogs succeed — by relentlessly focusing on our customers, their often unarticulated needs, and how best to engineer software solutions that meet those needs. If you need me in your corner, I'm happy to serve!

Products & teams I've helped succeed

Xbox Music & Xbox Video apps for PC, console, and phone. Despite fierce competition from market leaders such as Spotify and iTunes, I helped successfully launch new markets for our music storefront and roll out a simplified UI for our cloud-connected features. From a low at the onset of Windows 8, our apps' star ratings steadily increased during the 8.1 lifecycle.

The Windows 10 Store for music, movies, and TV. With our team newly formed in the Windows org and no existing code to build upon, I helped to define the experience architecture for these media types early in the 'Threshold' release and build our roadmap out to launch. Day by day, I led key UX partnerships with other first-party teams while translating the business needs of the Windows org into new product backlog stories for our team.

At the MEST Incubator in Accra, Ghana, I designed and taught a Scrum bootcamp to implement agile methodologies with resident startups Suba, SynCommerce, Kudobuzz, Asoriba, and Flippy Campus. Under the banner of customer centricity, I worked directly with co-founders and CEOs to wrangle in and transform their development practices, equipping their teams with a lasting competitive advantage.

With Suba in particular, I joined to run critical Scrum ceremonies for several sprints while we onboarded the team to a different tools stack to better support their new agile workflow, as well as providing UX guidance and sharing design best practices. Team productivity and app quality improved measurably with each passing sprint.

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